(possible spoilers for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood ahead)

Went to bed way too late last night. I was playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and just found the final puzzle thingy left by Subject 16. The reward there was somewhat… cryptic, but it seemed like it might be implying that the Assassins are all dead already and that the team working with Desmond are really Templars? I don’t know, that seemed like one possible interpretation of it. I haven’t beaten the game yet; maybe there will be more info by the end.

I was frustrated, though, because they pulled Desmond out of the animus and it seemed like there would be something to say to each of them, but when I played it (not sure if this happened for anyone else), there was a glitch where Desmond was just jiggling in the middle of his animation of getting up, and was stuck standing with his legs through the middle of the animus itself. The only thing I could do was get back in the animus (though I guess I could’ve tried quitting the game right there and rebooting… too late now). Getting out again after going back to the game just seemed to go to the normal state of things when he gets out of it at this point. It wouldn’t let me replay the little simulation thing which lead up to that point to try to trigger that sequence again, either.

We should find out next week, but if the 3DS and its games aren’t significantly cheaper here than they will be in Japan, I think it will flop. These are not prices many people are going to be willing to pay. 3D will not be a big enough benefit to make it worth it, especially if most of the games are ports or exist solely to use the 3D in a gimmicky way, as with a lot of 3D movies. It also seems like they missed the mark a bit on the battery life. It may be best to wait and see if a 3DS Lite comes along in a year or so.

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