On, to Weekend

Finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood this week. The ending mostly tied things up for Ezio but was a cliffhanger for Desmond, and didn’t provide the answers I was hoping it would. I did enjoy it though and I’m looking forward to AC3, however if they keep dragging it out and never conclude the story (as they’ve said they intend to do) I will lose interest. I agree with Alan about the game’s over-use of collectibles, but still I do enjoy it.

I started playing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West last night. I liked the animations and the careening-past-New-York in the demo, and hoped that it would be fun for Keisha to watch (as AC is), so I put it on my Christmas list. The premise seemed interesting. We’ll see how (or if) that goes.

Also played Lair of the Shadow Broker (the Mass Effect 2 DLC) this week, which I picked up during the holidays on sale for 200 M$. That was alright. I was a little rushed through it, I think, and there is probably a bunch of stuff in it that I haven’t actually done yet.

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