Treatise on Consumerism Or: The Joys of Getting New Shit in the Mail

Last week my pre-ordered copy of Wrath of Ashardalon came in. I haven’t had an opportunity to play it, and don’t know when I will, but on seeing that the “CRDB” is now defunct, I decided to channel my excitement into a form which others can see and benefit from. I spent a lot of the last week working on creating the D&D Adventure System wiki, and it is now complete except for the Rules page. This is why Friday passed with no post here, and I know to many the sacrifice will not have been worth it.

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Punished by Rewards

I’m reading the book Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn, at the suggestion of Jonathan Blow. It’s incredibly interesting, and I think should be required reading for most adults. It is interesting for game design, but also for managers, teachers, parents, and I would think most other people.

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Hey, it’s Friday

I watched Timecop last night on Netflix Instant Watch. Wow was it horrible. Though I suppose it was probably a little bit better than The Art of War, since I watched the whole thing rather than stopping it and removing it from my instant queue five minutes in. Hey look at that, IMDb users agree with me: 5.6/10 for Timecop vs. 5.5/10 for The Art of War.

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Musings on Game Plots

Alan Tew made an interesting observation on his LittleBot Studios blog: that the plot of escaping enslavement lends itself especially well to the video game medium. This led me to wonder what other sorts of plots might also lend themselves well to the medium, and I decided to do my musing here. This will be more rambling than normal, since I’m basically writing my thoughts as they come…

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Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, if you like.

Christopher Tin has just become the first person to ever win a Grammy award for a song composed for a video game. That’s pretty cool. The song is awesome, and really the whole album is… I want to get it now. Watching the music video reminded me a little of Praan and the 2008 Where the Hell is Matt? video, so I had to go watch that again also. You should, too.

+1 Brandon Sanderson Fan

Just finished reading the Mistborn trilogy, and I quite enjoyed it. Sanderson is a very talented writer. I’m definitely going to read Warbreaker and the new standalone Mistborn novel (The Alloy of Law) which is coming out this year. I think I’ll probably even start his new 10-part series, The Stormlight Archive, once he’s gotten further along with it. Say, halfway through at least.

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Pulled my nose out of the book just long enough to write this half-assed post.

I have been reading the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I’m about three fourths of the way through the second book now. I’m enjoying them.

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Taylor Swift – Love Story: Alternate Lyrics

Love Story by Taylor Swift is a song about romance which alludes to the story of Romeo and Juliet, but events for the characters in the song work out somewhat differently than they did for the star-crossed lovers. I wondered what it would be like if it was more true to the story as written by Shakespeare. It seemed like it would be a somewhat amusing project, so I decided to come up with these alternate lyrics to the song.

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