+1 Brandon Sanderson Fan

Just finished reading the Mistborn trilogy, and I quite enjoyed it. Sanderson is a very talented writer. I’m definitely going to read Warbreaker and the new standalone Mistborn novel (The Alloy of Law) which is coming out this year. I think I’ll probably even start his new 10-part series, The Stormlight Archive, once he’s gotten further along with it. Say, halfway through at least.

Brandon Sanderson is definitely highly skilled at his writing craft, and apparently even more prolific than Jim Butcher, which is saying something. It’s interesting how big of a difference the former makes; good writing craft can make seemingly ridiculous ideas into extremely compelling reading. For example, a heist story + epic fantasy + wire fu = Mistborn (book 1, at least), and Pokémon + lost Roman legions1 = The Codex Alera.

I haven’t written any novels yet, but I can only hope that with the advice I’ve read and what talent I have I will be able to manage similar skill in crafting my own.

  1. Here’s the link for that reference, but be warned: it contains a lot of spoilers for The Dresden Files.

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