Hey, it’s Friday

I watched Timecop last night on Netflix Instant Watch. Wow was it horrible. Though I suppose it was probably a little bit better than The Art of War, since I watched the whole thing rather than stopping it and removing it from my instant queue five minutes in. Hey look at that, IMDb users agree with me: 5.6/10 for Timecop vs. 5.5/10 for The Art of War.

I’ve been looking for a good spy movie with less action and more intrigue on Netflix Instant Watch but haven’t really found it. I didn’t expect Timecop to be it, that was more just feeling like watching whatever. Bourne is alright, but I’ve seen those. The Art of War had the characters behaving so stupidly in the opening few minutes that I just stopped watching.

I dunno, I’ve been kinda curious to see what that kind of story would look like. Guess I’ll have to wait until I can get The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, which spy novel readers think highly of, according to the Amazon reviews.

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