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Another missed Friday blog post. This time it was Pat’s fault.

The Wise Man’s Fear is good. I can see what all the reviewers on Amazon are saying, both the positive and the negative ones. Except for the ones who complain about the explanations of stuff we already know from the first book; that was handled better than in any other book I’ve read.

It doesn’t seem to have its own arc; rather, it has quite a few smaller arcs that happen in sequence and feel slightly unconnected, even though they follow chronologically. There are the questions raised by the first book about the Chandrian, but that is the arc of the trilogy, and so it can feel like not much progress is made there.

But the writing is incredible, and I hope it can actually be completed as a trilogy, and… I’m a little worried Kvothe won’t be getting a happy ending. Looking forward to Day Three

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