Oops, I forgot the title.

This week I…

…finished Persona 3. Started playing “The Answer,” the follow-up in the FES version which I have. I also recently got Persona 4, which I will play at some point after finishing “The Answer.” I really like Persona 3. The social game aspect seems like it could be a game on its own if done well. Of course there are Japanese dating sims but most don’t reach the US and I doubt there are very many which are any good. They seem1 to follow the same patterns, with a slew of potential female partners, one each for seemingly the same categories in every one. I guess there are some that aren’t like this but I think with Persona 3/4 it’s really cool that the sim encompasses more types of relationships than just dating. I’d like to create a game with this aspect some day (I mentioned it here before, it’s called This Celestial Life).

…tried to get an achievement on Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes but encountered a bug where whenever I start up a game my achievements, gamer score, and profile pic are no longer visible, and no new achievements are awarded while playing. This lasts even if I exit to the dashboard, until either I restart the system or log out and back in (as long as Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is not running), and happens on both 360s at my house. I don’t think it happens with other games. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this, since I haven’t really done a lot of research on it, but it is annoying.

…finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I really enjoyed it, and from the time I finished have felt more calm, aware, and clear-minded. I had previously considered quality to be only a personal (subjective) judgment, but the idea of Quality as absolute reality, before subjects and objects, is intriguing. The term “quality” would have three meanings:

  1. Quality – absolute reality; Tao; God; Love; Nirvana; Zen. Consciousness?
  2. quality – the degree to which an action or object resonates with Quality.
  3. quality – an attribute of an object, of which definition 2 is one example.

I’m not sure whether this is how it all really works, but I have a sense that I don’t really need to be sure. The world works whether I’m sure of it or not.

…read The List by Joe (J.A.) Konrath. In my opinion it wasn’t good.

…wrote a teeny tiny bit of my book. Mostly just figured out what’s going to happen in the next scene, but then didn’t actually write out much of the scene itself.

  1. I say this without having actually played any except one or two short web games of this style on Newgrounds.

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