So, yeah. Some stuff happened. I still don’t really feel like writing about it here.

Got a game called 7 Wonders recently, and I’m looking forward to playing it. Needs at least three players, so we have to wait until tomorrow. It’s a card-drafting civilization-building game. Seems like it will be really fun.

Civ World (on Facebook) is in open beta. It’s interesting, but not exactly a Civ game. Picked up Civ 5 this week and unfortunately it doesn’t run very well on my Late ’08 MacBook Pro. Seeing it run smoothly on my wife’s new iMac makes it seem completely unplayable on my computer. But she said I could maybe play it on hers when she’s not using it. I think I will…

Been playing a lot of 2-player Thunderstone and Small World recently with my wife. That’s been fun.

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