When facing a crisis of faith, I guess it could help to start with what you know and still believe, little though that may be.

I am.

That’s a start. I exist.

Most of the rest sort of changes or is uncertain. You know, who, what, where, when, why.

It seems a little odd that I would experience a crisis of faith when there weren’t really any events that conflicted with my worldview per se. The answer, the one I feel at the center of my being, is that none of the changing, uncertain things really matter. That is, I don’t actually need to know those answers.

My ego kind of fights that, as you might expect. I hope with my work to provide signposts pointing to enlightenment, and the idea that I could do that without personal experience of what that is doesn’t seem to compute.

I haven’t been writing lately.

I should.

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