And I thought the 360’s DRM was frustrating…

We just got a new Wii, because our current one is on its last legs. One of the Wiimotes is already dead and the system itself will often freeze, refuse to read discs, or have any number of other strange issues. I’ve gone so long without calling tech support because I’m kind of dreading having to describe the issue; there isn’t one simple issue to describe, it just often doesn’t work.

Last night I got an SD card and started to transfer over the virtual console and WiiWare games we’ve bought, as well as save data, to the new Wii. Heh. Turns out, I’m allowed to put VC and WiiWare titles on the SD card but only allowed to run them on the Wii we purchased them on. Not only that, but many of the save files don’t even allow me to transfer them to the SD card. When we bought a new 360 I had to use the online tool to transfer the content licenses for all the XBLA games and DLC I’ve bought to the new console so other people in the house could use it without me being signed in. That was hassle enough. With the Wii there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism to even do that much: you have to either get your system repaired or buy it all again (and start over without your saves for VC and WiiWare games that have save data, or disc-based games that simply disallow the transfer of save files, like Animal Crossing).

The Wii doesn’t support loading save files from SD cards, so when you want to play them you have to make sure they’re transferred to system memory. That’s where another infuriating restriction of the Wii comes in. For the games that do let me move over save files, it won’t let me move them to the new Wii until that game has been played at least once on that system. What are they trying to prevent here? If I want to move a save file over for a game I don’t actually have, what does anyone gain by not letting me? So I won’t be able to use it. So what? This means I’m gonna have to go through every disc we have a save for, put it in, boot up the game, quit, go back to the data management screen and then copy over the save. This whole process is ridiculous and serves no purpose but to frustrate paying customers.

I’m finally going to call Nintendo today about this crap. May end up getting the old Wii repaired. We’ll see.

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