More about the Mojang/Zenimax settlement

More news sites are realizing today what the Scrolls trademark going to Zenimax means for Mojang. Of course, they still haven’t really said anything about how little sense the whole thing makes. I think Zenimax Media gets better treatment than Tim Langdell by gaming news sites just because it actually makes games people enjoy.

Given how dismissive Notch was about the whole issue from the beginning, I shouldn’t really be surprised Mojang let it end this way, with no regard for the broader implications of this result. Since it was a settlement, it may not go into the record as legal precedent to be used if a trademark suit goes to trial in the future, but it does set a general precedent.

Notch offered on Twitter early on to resolve the dispute with a Quake III deathmatch. No, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am disappointed.

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