Dallas Comic Con

This past weekend was the Dallas Comic Con, which I attended on Saturday. While there, I got glimpses of Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee, and braved the sea of people to explore the expo hall. I saw an excellent Harley Quinn win the comics category in the costume contest, and perused some wares.

There was a booth selling board games, and when I pointed out to my wife that Mike Krahulik had recently tweeted praises for Lords of Waterdeep, we ended up buying it there. It was unusual for me to pick up a game I hadn’t actually researched at all beforehand, but I think it’s a pretty fun game. Not too long, not too complicated, but fun. So far I’ve only played with two players, and only twice.

I was looking around hoping to spot someone involved with (or at least selling?) Daytripper, which Patrick Rothfuss recently recommended on Goodreads, but I didn’t see it.

There were many comics artists in attendance. Most of the art there came across to me as just sort of generic comics art, but one piece grabbed my attention and had me looking through the work of Daxiong. I bought a print of it and another, and Keisha picked a third for herself. I wish I could link the one I really liked, but it doesn’t seem to be up online. It shows a woman from the bust up, much more focused than most of his work, wearing some interesting sort of Victorian/burlesque outfit with a tiny top hat, in front of a red background. What struck me was her facial expression; she looks at the viewer askance with her head tilted slightly back and to her right, innocently curious or contemplative, unconsciously attractive. I know the parted lips, the outfit and all are specifically intended to be sexy, but that was the impression I got and I found it stunning.

Anyway this guy’s stuff is awesome. When Keisha went back on Sunday she came home with his art book for me as an early anniversary gift, and I’ve read and looked through it already. There are a lot of typos and errors in the writing which is understandable since he is Chinese, but still unfortunate since it feels like it doesn’t do his work justice. I wish I could fix them for him.

After my second con at the Irving Convention Center (the other was the Sci-Fi Expo this year held by the same people), I have decided I really don’t like the venue. There is no place within walking distance to get decent food (the concessions are ok, but there aren’t enough options for a vegetarian and the prices are ridiculous); parking (since the parking garage was already full) was on crappy, uneven fields of grass; and there really just was nowhere near enough space for the number of people attending this convention. If the next one isn’t moved to the Dallas or Fort Worth convention center, I don’t want to go.

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