Some surprises from E3 2012

I didn’t really expect to be very interested in anything new on display at E3 this year. I was surprised.

Watch Dogs looks cool:

Sort of a Person of Interest: The Game. The premise is intriguing, but it will be wasted if it’s just going to be flavor for the magic powers you use to hunt down one “bad guy” after another. So many potentially interesting questions aren’t being answered or even asked in what’s been shown so far: who is this guy? Why does he have the ability to do all this stuff rather than someone else? Or do others have the same abilities? Why does he feel justified in using them to kill people? Is he working for someone? And what further implications does this have for the world? This teaser outlines the premise better:

It hints at some interesting exploration of issues around surveillance and security, which means ample opportunity for disappointment if those topics are left unaddressed. The violence was the least compelling part of the presentation. Nathan Grayson at Rock, Paper, Shotgun put up a piece there today that I really agree with, calling out the problematic attitude of PR (and fans) toward violence in games. He talks about how The Last of Us makes its violence terrifying, like the last resort of the desperate. I found it horrible and difficult to watch:

My thoughts on the game? It looks like Enslaved, but a bit more interesting. And the violence, like I said, is disquieting. I wonder if it’s possible to avoid it.

Quantic Dream, creators of Heavy Rain, unveiled their next title:

Ellen Page! I need a PS3 now. Yes, I have a crush. Anyway, the game looks interesting, and Quantic Dream’s performance capture is still the best in the industry. Really would like to be able to play this game. The Unfinished Swan also looks pretty cool (though it will apparently be very short):

There are getting to be quite a few games exclusive to the PS3 that I’d really like to play: 3D Dot Game Heroes, The Last Guardian, Journey, Bleach: Soul Resurrection, now Beyond and The Unfinished Swan, and maybe Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Heavy Rain and The Last of Us. And it’s still possible they might make Persona 5 a PS3 exclusive. Assuming I have the extra money someday (after the price of the system drops again), and that I actually have had time to play through more of the games I already own but haven’t played yet, I think I might want to pick up a PS3 at some point. I’ll always be incensed that they took out the upscaling PS2 disc compatibility. But it might still be worth it.

I thought this headline was hilarious: SimCity Is Online Only, But It Promises Not To Repeat Diablo III’s Mistakes. I’m sure it won’t: Diablo 3’s mistake here was in selling over 6 million copies at launch. Not something I would be worried about an online-only SimCity game repeating.

Edit: how did I forget Ni No Kuni (the Studio Ghibli game)? Definitely makes the PS3 more attractive.

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