Gesticulation researchers (corpulinguists) have catalogued two distinct species of facepalm.

The first, faciempalma desperatio, is commonly found anywhere in the wild, and the consensus translation is, “omg that’s so stupid.”

The second, faciempalma humor, is known to only breed in the presence of jokes of some kind, and these are the type that tend to be spotted in my vicinity. The consensus translation is, “omg that’s so stupid, but it was intentional and it’s kind of funny.” Studies have shown that faciempalma humor has an antic appreciation value equivalent to 86.4% of a good laugh (864 millilols) and sometimes even more.

Similarly, though there are many species and degrees of eyeroll (oculus circumactio), the ones associated with jokes can have an antic appreciation value of up to 893 millilols, though more often they fall in the 760-790 millilol range.

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