Maybe consciousness is…

I don’t think consciousness is a phenomenon that emerges from a specific pattern of electrical signals. Of course I could be wrong, but this is my hypothesis.

The brain the part of the body that interfaces with the soul. The soul is consciousness plus immortal aspects of thought, memory, and personality. These are the two components of a person. The body has its own capacities for memory and the like, and the combination with the soul through the brain as an interface creates the illusion of the “mind,” which is our experienced thoughts, memories, and personality in this life. So while consciousness is distinct from the brain and body, it makes sense that drugs or damage can affect our experience of it, along with our thoughts, memories, and emotions.

In this model, consciousness does not need a brain to exist, so it’s likely that it exists in many places and forms our bodies have no way to be aware of. Discarnate souls have a notably different experience from the way things are for us in bodies, and there are other, stranger configurations of awareness. Sentience itself may be what the universe is ultimately made of, along with all we are, and the all-encompassing perspective of that universal Consciousness is God, or at least the closest anything that really exists is to the concept. Not that that would really affect our everyday lives much one way or the other.

I wouldn’t be surprised to be wrong; I do that a lot. But right now that’s my concept of how things work. If something convincing contradicts this hypothesis, I’ll adjust it to fit or abandon it altogether, whichever seems more correct at the time. So far I think this model works pretty well.

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