5 Branches of Magic and Some of Their Lesser-Known Perks

Are you having trouble choosing one or more schools of magic to master? Maybe you aren’t familiar with some of the available options, or just never considered too deeply what tiny bonuses might accompany the complete subordination of one or more aspects of reality to your will. Whatever your situation, this handy guide can help. Presented here are descriptions of several different forms of magic, along with some of their often-overlooked perks.


Ah, aeromancy, the art of commanding the very air. As the master aeromancer Filocitus once said, “there is nothing quite like air magic for creating an atmosphere of belonging. As an aeromancer you’re almost always in your element.” Aeromancy isn’t actually limited to manipulating only air, either. Air is composed of several different gases, and as such air magic can manipulate any gas. Here are some benefits to being an air mage you might not have thought of:

  • Whistle like a pro, even creating your own harmonies.
  • You can carbonate beverages on demand at any time.
  • Create blades of air to dry hands efficiently.


Earth magic is an attractive choice for aspiring wizards. Who wouldn’t want the ability to move mountains? Capable of manipulating any solid matter, earth magic is actually much more versatile than one might think. Everyone knows terramancy makes constructing a dwelling a snap, but have you considered these other perks?

  • Play Minecraft in real life.
  • Golems count as Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
  • No need to pack when you move; just relocate your entire house.


Hydromancy is a great discipline to dive into. The pool of available information regarding this specialty and its practical uses is vast and deep. It’s common knowledge that “water” magic can actually control any liquid, so it offers more than just obviating the need for an umbrella. Water you waiting for?

  • Never worry about spills again.
  • Dishes practically wash themselves.
  • Bars will pay top dollar for any time you can spare to mix drinks.


Most people think pyromancy is hot, but that’s only partially true: it’s also sexy. The mastery of combustion is certainly not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be quite impressive. Fire magic is actually an advanced specialty that combines aeromancy, terramancy, and hydromancy, so some knowledge of all three is required. The best pyromancers are masters of one or more of those disciplines as well, but don’t let that chill your passion for the art.

  • High demand in many fields, such as firefighting and visual effects.
  • Legendary backyard barbecues.
  • Fashion decisions are greatly simplified when your entire wardrobe is red and black.


Another vocation comprised of techniques from aeromancy, terramancy and hydromancy, ice magic is always a cool choice. As with pyromancy, the best cryomancers have mastered one or more of those fundamental disciplines. If you haven’t studied those vocations at least a little bit first, you should probably put your plan to become a cryomancer on ice for now.

  • Always have drinks as cold as you like.
  • Create ice castles, dresses, and sentient snowmen.
  • Throw an ice skating party whenever you want, with no preparation required.
  • Do not attempt to bottle up all negative emotion, even if your parents die in a shipwreck.

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