This morning I was playing Trivia Crack because my wife likes me to play with her even though my win rate against her is almost two out of three, and there was a question about nuclear weapons. Specifically, it asked where the first use of nuclear weapons against civilians was, and because I didn’t take the time to read it thoroughly, I got it wrong and put the United States (the country who used the nukes). But after that I thought about that event and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and nationalistic shame.

I know, I know. War, Pearl Harbor. Reasons.

But in my mind it’s as if a puzzle piece clicked into place and I could see the whole of US history as a blood-soaked landscape of atrocity. Punctuated, occasionally, by heroic victories for justice, but the dominant color is red by a large margin. The same is likely true for most of the rest of human existence, but I am more familiar with the US since that’s the history I’ve been fed.

Some men just want to watch the world burn, but eventually the flames will wake the rest. I wonder how different the future could be if this understanding of history was taught in schools: a cautionary tale, with students invited to consider how things could have been done differently.

One thought on “Shame”

  1. This is intellectual dishonesty without an appreciation for the real fears of those who lived through those times! The filter you have on your mind can’t grasp the reality of those times. Now you try to hide a perceived human weakness, in your contorted view of humanity which in that day and time resulted in life or death, under the rube of “shame!” Your grandfathers weren’t blinded by such naïveté!

    In an age of ISIS running amok in the mid-east one can only imagine the quandary you would be in if you were a resident of Syria or Iraq! Your choices are quite clear; convert, acquiesce to their demands which may end in death, or fight! No room for superficialities there!

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