At least it’s not $300.

The 3DS press event was this morning. It’s going to be $250 in the US and comes out on March 27. There doesn’t seem to be any announcement yet about the prices of the games; I have read that the Japanese game prices for it will be the equivalent of $58 to $72, which would leave it dead in the water here. And there’s not yet any indicator of a game worth buying the system itself for. Still, the $250 price tag is a start (even though I was hoping for it to be $200 or less before the Japanese price was announced). Perhaps all is not lost…


(possible spoilers for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood ahead)

Went to bed way too late last night. I was playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and just found the final puzzle thingy left by Subject 16. The reward there was somewhat… cryptic, but it seemed like it might be implying that the Assassins are all dead already and that the team working with Desmond are really Templars? I don’t know, that seemed like one possible interpretation of it. I haven’t beaten the game yet; maybe there will be more info by the end.

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15 years later, the Virtual Boy is back

But this time no one is laughing. Hardcore game developers/publishers who aren’t the usual suspects for Nintendo handhelds are falling all over themselves to make games for it, if the list of games lined up for it so far is any indicator. It’s a disruptive masterpiece, and has had Nintendo getting all the attention at E3 this year, even before the show floor opened.

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