Dallas Comic Con

This past weekend was the Dallas Comic Con, which I attended on Saturday. While there, I got glimpses of Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee, and braved the sea of people to explore the expo hall. I saw an excellent Harley Quinn win the comics category in the costume contest, and perused some wares.

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Treatise on Consumerism Or: The Joys of Getting New Shit in the Mail

Last week my pre-ordered copy of Wrath of Ashardalon came in. I haven’t had an opportunity to play it, and don’t know when I will, but on seeing that the “CRDB” is now defunct, I decided to channel my excitement into a form which others can see and benefit from. I spent a lot of the last week working on creating the D&D Adventure System wiki, and it is now complete except for the Rules page. This is why Friday passed with no post here, and I know to many the sacrifice will not have been worth it.

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Capital Expenditures

I got a DS on Friday (making me the last one in the house to get one), and two games, Rune Factory and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Haven’t started Ring of Fates yet, but I’m having fun with Rune Factory. I’ve slowed down a little bit on playing My Life as a King, but I still think it’s a lot of fun. Also picked up Boom Blox, which hasn’t yet been unpackaged. On the list for this week are also Wii Fit and On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 1. And on top of that, I picked up Age of Gods and Colossal Arena on Sunday because the best board game shop I’ve found in the area was closing that location (while keeping another location which isn’t nearly as nice) and had everything 30% off.

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The world is a very silly place.

This is what sports should be like. Remember making all those jokes about full-contact chess? Well the joke’s on you1, now! What’s next, Go Wrestling? Seriously, though, pretty interesting for the fact that it encourages people to improve more than one aspect of themselves.

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category bug, again

I’m starting to get really annoyed with this stupid bug that sporadically pops up on this site. I don’t can’t figure out if it’s a problem with something like the version of the database it’s using, or WordPress itself (which I doubt since I haven’t seen any reports of anyone else having the problem), or PHP or what. But it’s stupid and I want it to stop.

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a new side project

Since last Tuesday I’ve been working on designing a boardgame. Haven’t come up with a codename for the project yet, but I’m excited about it. I think it is the first side project I will complete (as progress on the design is going so well… I am hoping to have it playable by next week), and so far I’m really looking forward to playing it myself; it sounds fun to me even though I’m the one who’s creating it. I guess that’s how it should be. I’m also having a lot of fun creating it.

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