More about Watch Dogs…

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interview up today about the game that sheds some more light on things. In it, we find out that there will be some cool multiplayer stuff in the game, which I didn’t know from the videos, and we get some hints about the main character, Pearce, and his motivations.

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Little Games

On Wednesday the New York Times Magazine published a really interesting article that talks a little about gamification and a lot about specifically the type of games, often found on Facebook and mobile devices, that capitalize on the snippets of “free” time everyone has between doing other things. It’s definitely worth a read; go check it out.

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Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, if you like.

Christopher Tin has just become the first person to ever win a Grammy award for a song composed for a video game. That’s pretty cool. The song is awesome, and really the whole album is… I want to get it now. Watching the music video reminded me a little of Praan and the 2008 Where the Hell is Matt? video, so I had to go watch that again also. You should, too.


With as much attention and money as MineCraft has been getting lately, I won’t be surprised if some company makes a clone of it, possibly even releasing before the original reaches full release, since it is the work of one person. Really though, it deserves the attention. I haven’t bought it (yet), I just played it over the free weekend (because the auth servers went down), but it is worth the asking price.

StarCraft 2’s Story Tricks

This post over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun points out the trick StarCraft 2 pulls on players with the way it handles their decisions. I noticed it also, and thought it was interesting. But it isn’t hard to figure out this is what’s going on while you’re playing, especially if you compare your experience with that of a friend who made a different choice. And to me it sort of feels like it cheapens the story.

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