More about Watch Dogs…

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interview up today about the game that sheds some more light on things. In it, we find out that there will be some cool multiplayer stuff in the game, which I didn’t know from the videos, and we get some hints about the main character, Pearce, and his motivations.

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My Life as a King

I’m having a lot of fun with the game. Last night I almost bought some of the extra stuff, even though I don’t think I’m far enough along in the game yet to take advantage of any of it. But in almost buying it, I looked more closely at the descriptions (in the game) of what the content packs contain.

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To developers: please delay the release of your awesome game.

Well, after reading this, Call of Duty 4 has now been added to my Christmas list as well. There are so many good games coming out, it’s a little daunting and worrisome. When will I have the time to enjoy them all?

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Metaplace Announced

Raph Koster and Areae have just unveiled their big project, Metaplace. It sounds really exciting; I hope the targeted ads are not too obtrusive, and I very much hope that clients will be available for all the consoles and handhelds (PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, DS). I don’t really like playing games on the PC anymore, because mine sucks. If I could get to it from my Xbox 360, that would be so cool…

new on the anticipated releases list

Just read (ok, well I read it on Wednesday but haven’t been able to put it here ’til now) this article about Haze and it sounds like they’re trying to do some really awesome things for the game medium in general with it. Looking forward to it now; it sounds really cool. If it lives up to the ideas in the article, there may be another reason (besides Blu-Ray) to get a PS3…

nice job, jerks

Microsoft has done a surprisingly good job with the Xbox 360 (except with its marketing in Japan). A couple years ago, I thought I would only be interested in the PS3, but now I have an Xbox 360, and the reasons I have to even want to buy a PS3 when its price drops are dwindling (the remaining ones being Final Fantasy XIII, LittleBigPlanet, free online play, Blu-ray, and maybe Home… we’ll see on that one). Then I didn’t think I’d pay the extra for Xbox LIVE Gold, but when my friend and I wanted to be able to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance together and I found myself shelling out fifty bucks for a year of it.

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