To developers: please delay the release of your awesome game.

Well, after reading this, Call of Duty 4 has now been added to my Christmas list as well. There are so many good games coming out, it’s a little daunting and worrisome. When will I have the time to enjoy them all?

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Metaplace Announced

Raph Koster and Areae have just unveiled their big project, Metaplace. It sounds really exciting; I hope the targeted ads are not too obtrusive, and I very much hope that clients will be available for all the consoles and handhelds (PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, DS). I don’t really like playing games on the PC anymore, because mine sucks. If I could get to it from my Xbox 360, that would be so cool…

finished and unstarted games

I finished Fable: The Lost Chapters last night. I enjoyed it… would’ve been nice if there were more than one voice for the wives you can get; the one available is pretty annoying, and if you happen to find a female in the game who doesn’t use that voice, either a) you can’t marry her, or b) if you do, her voice changes to that one. I never got married in the game until the very end, because there was no one I wanted to marry. The characters weren’t real, and didn’t even make much of an effort to seem so. That makes me a little wary of Peter Molyneux’s stated goal of conveying a feeling of love to the player in Fable 2.

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Yesterday I went to Best Buy to get Overlord. They were sold out, but I picked up Peaceful Warrior. So I went to the Circuit City a block away to see if they had it, and I had just been talking to my wife about how I found out that Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth isn’t available anymore directly from Amazon, and all the sellers there are selling it for more than the original retail price, so I think it is out of print. Best Buy didn’t have it when I went to get either that or Puzzle Quest (fortunately they had one copy of PQ). I was also telling her about how I’d skipped Fable (which I only ever got to play through the beginning of, since I never had an original Xbox) on sale for $8 a few weeks ago because I figured I’d wait for Fable 2 and also because it wasn’t The Lost Chapters.

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Puzzle Quest

I just got Puzzle Quest for PSP because I wanted a new PSP game (I only have two, and I got the PSP on the day it launched…). I wanted either that or Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, and they didn’t have the latter at Best Buy. Well, PQ is awesome, a blast to play, and mostly responsible for why I haven’t posted anything here in the past couple days.

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