More about Watch Dogs…

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interview up today about the game that sheds some more light on things. In it, we find out that there will be some cool multiplayer stuff in the game, which I didn’t know from the videos, and we get some hints about the main character, Pearce, and his motivations.

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And I thought the 360’s DRM was frustrating…

We just got a new Wii, because our current one is on its last legs. One of the Wiimotes is already dead and the system itself will often freeze, refuse to read discs, or have any number of other strange issues. I’ve gone so long without calling tech support because I’m kind of dreading having to describe the issue; there isn’t one simple issue to describe, it just often doesn’t work.

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Oops, I forgot the title.

This week I…

…finished Persona 3. Started playing “The Answer,” the follow-up in the FES version which I have. I also recently got Persona 4, which I will play at some point after finishing “The Answer.” I really like Persona 3. The social game aspect seems like it could be a game on its own if done well. Of course there are Japanese dating sims but most don’t reach the US and I doubt there are very many which are any good. They seem1 to follow the same patterns, with a slew of potential female partners, one each for seemingly the same categories in every one. I guess there are some that aren’t like this but I think with Persona 3/4 it’s really cool that the sim encompasses more types of relationships than just dating. I’d like to create a game with this aspect some day (I mentioned it here before, it’s called This Celestial Life).

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  1. I say this without having actually played any except one or two short web games of this style on Newgrounds.

On, to Weekend

Finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood this week. The ending mostly tied things up for Ezio but was a cliffhanger for Desmond, and didn’t provide the answers I was hoping it would. I did enjoy it though and I’m looking forward to AC3, however if they keep dragging it out and never conclude the story (as they’ve said they intend to do) I will lose interest. I agree with Alan about the game’s over-use of collectibles, but still I do enjoy it.

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(possible spoilers for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood ahead)

Went to bed way too late last night. I was playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and just found the final puzzle thingy left by Subject 16. The reward there was somewhat… cryptic, but it seemed like it might be implying that the Assassins are all dead already and that the team working with Desmond are really Templars? I don’t know, that seemed like one possible interpretation of it. I haven’t beaten the game yet; maybe there will be more info by the end.

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