the post with the uninspired title (well, another one, anyway)

Finished Fool Moon (the second Dresden Files book) on Sunday, and enjoyed it as much as the first. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them, but I’d like to own them (I like to own good things, like DVDs of movies I like and copies of books I enjoy, even if I never get back to watching or reading them again), and I’m going to refrain from buying them until I have more money sitting around.

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a fortuitous turn of events

Through some mistake, it was believed that John Hodgman (author of The Areas of My Expertise, which is excellent) would be hosting an event event in New York featuring Neil Gaiman. This is not the case; the event will be run by Johnathan Ames, about whom I know nothing. This may have been a regrettable mixup if it had not ultimately been the cause of such a fortuitous happening: that through the post about it on Neil Gaiman’s blog, I found John Hodgman’s blog, which makes the whole thing worthwhile and speaks to the veracity of existence of fate, or destiny, or synchronicity.