On the ideal of equality

What does the idea that we are all equal really mean?

Well, to begin with, we have to define “we.” Because if it’s one of the more obvious definitions, including everything about us, then we’re obviously not equal. We’re all different, and constantly changing. Of course we are. How could anyone believe we’re all equal? Well, without specifically discarding things from our definition of what we are in order to find something that can be considered “equal,” what are we, really? What is the core of each of us? What are we that doesn’t change?

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What is an open mind?

Derren Brown is investigating supernatural phenomena in a miniseries of documentaries called Derren Brown Investigates. He wrote a great blog post to introduce the show, which delves into his approach and the nature and necessity of skepticism, which he defines as “reserving judgement until the evidence is weighed.” Predetermined disbelief he calls cynicism. It’s a fair point: I don’t think “cynicism” is the right word for it, but I don’t think there is a separate word for it. Both “doubt” and “disbelief” are widely called “skepticism.”

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Perspective and Creation

Everything we do has consequences. Some are more noticeable than others, and many are expected: cleaning off the table usually results in a clean table. Inaction is an action with consequences as well, which can often be predicted without any extraordinary psychic talent. Certainly not all consequences are predictable, and many go unnoticed.

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Why do we stay?

What do we do about all the small disasters in life? Sometimes they seem so close together, like a concerted team of tragedies. There are so many opportunities to give up, to break down. So many constant, small signs any one of which would be a fine incentive to say, “I’ve had enough.” To give up, to let go, to despair. Why don’t we? Of course some do; some leave another mess behind to return to that home we can’t really remember, where it’s easy to look at things from a different point of view.

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