What would you do if you had as much money and free time as you could want?

That is, if you had enough time and money to do all the things you do in your free time to escape the stress of everyday life, so much that you could do those things as much as you wanted. When you got bored with or tired of those things and set them aside… what would you do? If you were retired but still young, and didn’t have to worry about money… what would you do?

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On the Many One True Paths to Mastery, or: I will tell you what Jesus did.

I was raised in a family whose religion was Christian Science. It was cool to learn how to practice spiritual healing the same way that Jesus did it. Eventually, however, I decided for myself that Christian Science is not a bad path, but it is not my path.

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Wisdom, or Clever Folly

I haven’t written much of substance here. I feel a little bad about it, but then I have stupid fears about revealing myself, my beliefs, thoughts, feelings… of being exposed to the slings and arrows, as it were. Intellectually I know that these fears should not be allowed to interfere with what I choose to do or say; some people will think me arrogant for stating my truths, but there really is nothing else worth doing, in the end. It becomes easy for me, sometimes, to be discouraged or to doubt myself, not in whether my truths are true, but perhaps in whether they are worth telling the world or whether anyone will care or benefit.

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Getting back into the “swing” of “things,” or: To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, I haven’t written much here lately. I guess I kind of wonder sometimes what to write about, even though I have things on my mind. There is a fear of having ideas stolen if I reveal too much here, and so, about things I’m creating, I say little or nothing. Mundane things often seem too mundane to write… etc.

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recovery, television, and the written word

I’m feeling much better today. Not fully recovered, but very much better.

Yesterday my wife and I started watching a bit of Criss Angel’s show, Mindfreak. The steamroller thing was a bit crazy… many of the things we’ve seen him do, we have theories for how they could work (without real magic). Except the levitation. We suspect he uses magic tricks to cover up the very real supernatural abilities he employs. (Edit: There are theories here, and other explanations out there. After seeing him on that magician reality show go off on how psychics can’t be real, I no longer believe he has (or is aware of having) any supernatural abilities of his own.)

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how cool!

I’m staying home from work today because I’m not feeling really well. I was busy pretty much all weekend, painting most of the day Saturday in a very hot room, which I think took a lot out of me (my nose started to get stuffed up Saturday night and by Sunday night I was feeling drained and a little feverish; I didn’t sleep well last night at all).

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the post with the uninspired title (well, another one, anyway)

Finished Fool Moon (the second Dresden Files book) on Sunday, and enjoyed it as much as the first. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them, but I’d like to own them (I like to own good things, like DVDs of movies I like and copies of books I enjoy, even if I never get back to watching or reading them again), and I’m going to refrain from buying them until I have more money sitting around.

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The Storm

Sighing, he got up from his desk chair, abandoning what he’d been doing on the computer. It seemed this would have to be dealt with. On his way out the door he smoothly scooped up his long jacket, putting it on as he shut the door behind him. Striding swiftly, purposefully, he set off towards the west, the direction from which the storm would soon be arriving. He crossed the nighttime suburban blocks steadily, without a sense of urgency, while the frenzied, inconsistent wind attempted to stall his approach.

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I can feel my mind getting jumbled and full again…

… so hopefully this will help to unburden it.

I just discovered the concept of immediate mode GUIs, which is why the mind-jumble is occuring. Trying to figure out whether it is much better than the normal way to do GUIs (seems likely) and whether it is worth it for me to try it out (versus using a GUI system somebody already made once I get to the point of having something to put a GUI on), to which the answer, I suspect, is no. It is interesting, but not close enough to what really interests me, I think, to warrant my effort, though I do hope someone makes a system for it that I can use.

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Last night I was playing racquetball with my friend, and I wasn’t doing very well to begin with. I think he had something like four or five points before I scored any. So I observed what I was doing and I realized that most of the time, I was off balance. My mind had been mostly in other places and I wasn’t taking advantage of the time available to regain my balance. So I decided to change the way I was playing: I hunched over a bit more, bent my knees, and focused on staying above my center of gravity. It helped. Because I was more balanced, I was able to change directions more easily, and because my knees were bent I had more leverage to start moving quickly when I needed to.

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