D&D Session Report 1

On Saturday I joined a new D&D 4th Edition game which was starting up and will be having sessions every two weeks or so. My play availability will probably be extremely limited once the baby’s born but I intend to enjoy it until then. I’m looking forward to the next session, as this one was a lot of fun. We were all starting at 3rd level, and for a couple of the players I think it was their first time playing D&D (for me it had been a while), or at least their first time with 4th Edition. Some of the rest are min-max hack-n-slashers (one in particular, and the other player and DM are a little bit like that though they do value story and roleplay at least a bit). I wasn’t the DM, by the way, just one of the players. The session went something like this.

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Penny Arcade WoW Contest

Penny Arcade is having a contest to write a short (10-word) story set in World of Warcraft. The prize is figuratively (or literally? I am not privy to that information) a metric ton of WoW cardgame-related goodies. I entered for the fun of it, and submitted only one entry; it requried some research on my part as I no longer play WoW.

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The Storm

Sighing, he got up from his desk chair, abandoning what he’d been doing on the computer. It seemed this would have to be dealt with. On his way out the door he smoothly scooped up his long jacket, putting it on as he shut the door behind him. Striding swiftly, purposefully, he set off towards the west, the direction from which the storm would soon be arriving. He crossed the nighttime suburban blocks steadily, without a sense of urgency, while the frenzied, inconsistent wind attempted to stall his approach.

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